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Forwarding Services
Sea Freight:  
  - FCL , LCL and special equipments to / from all major .
  - General cargo break bulk RO/RO. - Regular Consolidation services.
  - Specially equipped 20 x 40 containers for hanging garments.
  - Door to Door deliveries for regular and perishables cargoes.

Air Freight:  
  - Efficient booking on all major airlines at all times.
  - 24 hour services for export traffic & handling of regular and perishable cargoes
  - 24 hour services for import cargo delivery to all cities in Egypt.

  - Regular sea & air consolidation service To/ From U.S.A. ,Europe and Far East.
  - Licensed by EIFFA to consolidate deconsolidate sea andair shipments.
  - Door to door deliveries.

Fairs & Exhibitions:  
  - Swift clearing up to exhibition stand.
  - Professional freight handling and storage of empties.
  - On time delivery and pick up for exhibitors and organizers.

  - Comprehensive logistics solutions by our transportation
engineers determining the means and most suitable
transportation routes , to overcome any possible obstacles.
  - 24 hour dedicated transport supervisors attending all stages
of transport operations from unloading of heavy and oversized
cargoes up to the final project delivery site

Packing and Household Removals:  
  - Special Nylon wrapped palletization for commercial cargoes
  - Regular cartons , corrugated sheets , tailor made boxes for
household goods.
  - Professional handling of all fragile items till safely at place .
  - Modified atmosphere palletization system for fresh produce
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