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- Perishable cargo can be defined as goods that will deteriorate over a given period of time, or if exposed to adverse temperature, humidity or other environmental conditions. Perishables that we uplift include commodities like vegetables, dairy products, chilled meat, foodstuffs and flowers.
- Our pledge to our customers is perhaps best seen in our handling of perishables.
- Over the years, we have adept at transporting these goods with very defined use-by dates. For instance, training of our staff extends to learning about the need for lobster to be transported in a semi-comatose state to preserve their freshness, desirability and market price.
- Some tips for you shipping your perishable products: Perishable cargo can be, but is not limited to, produce, seafood, floral products, fruits, berries and live tropical fish.
- Advance arrangements are required to coupe with our service contracts with the major shipping lines operating in Egypt..
- Our strength in European market:
- Our main hub in Triesta gives us the power to quote competitive rates, confirmed booking and availability of Reefer containers and slots to Italian buyers through Triesta. Meanwhile, our Italian network can support final deliveries to closed European countries like: Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Hungary.     

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